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Providing Pest Control and Weed Control to Arizona's Verde Valley

Devil's Bridge, Sedona ArizonaIf there's anything we have plenty of in Arizona, it's pests. Here in the Verde Valley, pest control is needed year-round. Keeping your home or business pest-free, and keeping your property free of unsightly weeds, can be a real challenge.

Ironically, our desert environment is one of the reasons why pests and weeds can be so difficult to control here. The pest and weed species that that have adapted to life in the desert are the strongest of the strong, able to survive -- and thrive -- even in the harshest of environments. That hardiness also makes them more difficult to control.

Arizona bugs are tough bugs, and Arizona bug control requires a tough exterminator.

That's one of the ways that being a locally-owned, independent company gives High Desert Pest and Weed Control an edge over the competition. We're not like the big national exterminators, where the manager of the "local" branch may have worked in Massachusetts last year, and Iowa the year before; and service technicians come and go like the wind.

That's not us. We're local. We live here, we like it here, and we're here to stay. We have a knowledge of our local pest and weed species that comes from living here our whole lives, observing the seasonal pest cycles. (It also helps that we're every bit as tough and stubborn as the pests and weeds we deal with every day.)

Another way that we're unlike the big, national pest control companies is that our customers aren't just numbers to us. They're our friends and neighbors, the people we break bread with at picnics and whose kids we cheer on at Little League games. Our customers are our friends and neighbors, and that's how we treat them.

This attitude, along with two decades' worth of experience, skill, and expertise, have made us the Verde Valley's first choice for top-notch pest extermination and weed control services.

Our services

We provide a comprehensive package of pest and weed control services, including:

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Whether you are having problems with insects, rodents, or weeds, contact us for the finest quality pest and weed control in the Verde Valley, delivered with the old-fashioned customer service you've come to expect.

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