Organic Pest Control

Bee on yellow wildflowers to represent organic pest controlMany people prefer an all-natural, "green" approach to pest control that emphasizes non-chemical measures over the use of pesticides, and uses naturally-derived pesticides when they are needed. This environmentally-friendly, organic approach to pest control is also referred to as "Integrated Pest Management," or IPM.

There are many reasons why people prefer an organic approach to pest control. But whatever the reasons, organic pest control, or IPM, begins with a talk between the client and the pest control operator about which pests are particularly bothersome to the customer. The IPM approach doesn't try to kill every bug on the land. It's targeted toward those pests that are bothersome to the customer.

For example, a customer may have zero tolerance for cockroaches in the kitchen, but may not mind an occasional spider in the basement. Or a homeowner may want the harvester ants gone because they sting, but not be bothered at all by the non-stinging ants roaming around on the property.

Once we determine the customer's preferences, we design an organic pest control plan that is customized to the customer's wishes, and which relies on a combination of non-chemical pest-reduction techniques and naturally-occurring insecticides.


Non-Chemical Pest Reduction

Non-chemical pest-reduction techniques include exclusion (keeping the pests out using simple techniques like installing window screens and sealing holes and cracks in your house's foundations), and habitat reduction (removing harborage areas such as organic mulches or thick weeds around your home). We don't actually perform this work, but we do inspect your home and advise you of non-chemical things you can do to make it less attractive to pests.


Naturally Occurring Insecticides

The three naturally occurring insecticides we use the most are pyrethrum, Hexa-Hydroxyl, boric acid, and diatomaceous earth.


Long story short, our organic pest control service is ideal for customers who prefer an environmentally-friendly pest control solution that minimizes its impact on the natural world and avoids reliance on synthetic chemical pesticides. For more information about High Desert Pest and Weed Control's organic pest control service or any of our fine services, please contact us.

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